Restoring Original Features

French Vintage ­Design Brief: To solve a leaking roof and an serious issue of damp in the bedroom To create a theme of French vintage To incorporate the 19th century furniture into the design Restore the original features of the... read more

Bathroom Modernisation

F­resh & Contemporary ­Design Brief: To completely re-modernise this all pink bathroom To consider floor covering and window dressing To add a touch of something different    Solution Following the consultation ... read more

Kitchen and Dining Exprience

Sleek and Practical Design Brief: To remove the dividing wall between the kitchen and dining room and block the existing kitchen door To create an open plan kitchen/dining experience Retain the Edwardian features of the property but... read more

Cellar Conversion

Design Brief To create a wine cellar To elimate any issues of damp and create a controlled atmosphere To fully illuminate Solution Obviously the most important issue to tackle with this particular project... read more

Shower Room

Stylish and Elegant Design ­Brief: To create a downstairs shower room from the existing cloakroom by removing a wall and resiting a closet store To create a large utility within the garage area To modernise the main bathroom to incl... read more

New Kitchen Diner

Design Brief Totally modernise and refurbish the kitchen Create a modern open plan space by removing the wall between the kitchen and the dining room Create a variety of storage solutions Solution ... read more

Attic Conversion

Design Brief     To convert an attic into a bathroom     To maintain the period features of the house     To address the issue of heat loss     Create as many storage options as ... read more