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Interior ­Design and Project Management

"We are committed to creating exceptional homes for exceptional people"

Open House Designs is a company based in West Yorkshire, run by our directors Liz Taylor and Sarah Birks. Open House Designs offers a complete interior design and project management service tailored to meet your requirements and budget.

Open House Design's Portfolio

Cellar Conversion

Design Brief To create a wine cellar To elimate any issues of damp and create a controlled atmosphere To fully illuminate Solution Obviously the most important issue to tackle with this particular project was to eradicate any issues of damp commonly associated with cellars. With the help and expertise of our damp proof specialist we fully tanked out the cellar, using a single membrane tanking solution to the walls and floor area. This required liftin ... Read More...

More Portfolio Case Studies

New Kitchen Diner
Design Brief Totally modernise and refurbish the kitchen Create a modern open plan space by removing the wall between the kitch read more...
Shower Room
Stylish and Elegant Design ­Brief: To create a downstairs shower room from the existing cloakroom by removing a wall and resiting a closet s read more...
Restoring Original Features
French Vintage ­Design Brief: To solve a leaking roof and an serious issue of damp in the bedroom To create a theme of French vintage read more...